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Leadership is Relational.
Strong Relationships, Effective Leaders

Hi I am Manoj Ramanan.

I work closely with mid-senior leaders to elevate personal leadership, team performance, and happiness.​

​I'm here to help you transform your relationships and improve trust, belonging, and engagement within your teams.

My Beliefs

Everyone is a leader

Self awareness is essential to self leadership


Authenticity and empathy can open doors to transforming relationships at work

Meaningful relationships and empowered teams are essential to sustainable success and happiness

Service Offerings

Corporate Workshops

The key to succeeding in a changing corporate world is by crafting connected teams. 

I will help your teams grow their relationship skills with themselves and with each other to foster a culture of authenticity, respect, and trust.

I offer customized workshops to help teams build foundational coaching skills, navigate difficult conversations and communicate effectively to deepen trust and influence

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Do you want to elevate your personal leadership and build your brand at work?


Do you want to create and drive a connected team that enables you to achieve your strategic outcomes?


Do you want to accomplish your goals with more fulfillment and less stress?


My Journey in Numbers





Years of Experience

Clients Coached

Customized Workshops

Hours Coached



About Manoj

Have you ever felt successful on the outside, but miserable on the inside. That was what I was experiencing on a daily basis in my last corporate job.


It led me to deep soul searching and an exploration to figure out what would give me fulfillment and happiness at work. I found my joy in Coaching and Workshop Facilitation and transitioned to doing this work full time.

Today, I help individuals and leaders express their authentic selves at work and elevate their leadership through the power of relationships.

I live in the Charlotte area in North Carolina with my wife and 2 kids. Outside of work, my greatest joy comes from the time I spend with my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son.


Ravi Tata VP, Engineering

Manoj's commitment, dedication and passion to his work is exemplary. He inspires, motivates with every conversation that builds your confidence. I have seen changes in my leadership style within a few weeks that has positive impact on how I approach my work in its entirety starting from leading my team to managing my boss, building better relationships and be able to have tough conversations as needed.



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