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What's calling out to you?

Over the past several months, I have set aside time for volunteering on causes close to my heart. While I have dabbled across multiple causes, I came across leaders from different walks of life who are deeply focused on a single cause and are passionate about creating an impact through their work. On interacting with them, I found that they do not look at what they do as work, it is their mission in life, their purpose, their calling.

I am convinced that if we want to live a full life, we need to discover our calling. Now, how do we discover our calling? My experience in interacting with these inspiring leaders gave me an insight.

When I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity I met several kindred spirits who were so fortunate with what they had received in life (Education, Money) that they wanted to give back to the folks who really needed help. When I volunteered at Challenge Day, I met incredibly inspiring leaders who had gone through so much in their childhood (Drugs, Alcohol, Abuse) that their mission is to educate high school children to understand that light is indeed possible at the end of a dark and long tunnel.

Two completely opposite experiences in life and yet the same outcome towards living their calling.

It boils down to asking ourselves the following questions.

1. What have I received so much in my life that I am so grateful for, that I want to give back to the society?

2. What have I suffered so much in my life, that I never want to see another person go through what I did?

As I spend time with these questions, I am in the process of uncovering something powerful within me that is calling out to me. I am excited to explore what comes up.

What about you?

What's calling out to you?

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