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What To Do When Your Values And Strengths Are Out Of Sync

This is the second of a three part series on Values, Strengths and Beliefs. You can read the first part here and the third part here.

Here's a scenario. Let's assume that your core value at work revolves around people. You love being around people and thrive on creating relationships at work. Let's assume that your strength lies in analytical reasoning and preparing data driven reports. You thrive working on spreadsheets and you are in your zone when working on a complicated problem.

Great! Now, what would you do, if your data findings are used by your management to take decisions on laying off people?

In the above scenario, no matter how much joy you derive out of expressing your strengths, if your values feels stepped upon, you will feel a drop in your energy and emotions.

Here's another scenario. Let's assume that your core value is respect and you find yourself working for a great team with a culture of respect. Let's assume that your strength is communication but you are working on preparing presentations for some one else in your team, pretty much all the time.

In this scenario, no matter how much you love being part of your team and living your value of respect, if you are not expressing your strengths, you will feel a drop in your energy and emotions.

So what do you do when your values and strengths are out of sync? Ask yourself the following questions.

1. What do I want for myself?

2. What am I tolerating? Why?

The fastest way to get clarity is for you to get a coach who can help you get clear on your values, your strengths and your ideal vision for your work.

If you get clear on what you truly want, you will find that it becomes easy to start the conversation with your manager on where you want to be, at work.

I have often felt a disconnect between my values and strengths at work. When I got clear on my core values and my core strengths and strived to find balance between the two, it became easier to choose work activities that brought a sense of meaning and purpose towards my work. It became easier to communicate what I wanted and get my values and strengths in sync.

Are your values and strengths out of sync? What can you do to get clear on your core values and strengths at work?

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