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The Power Of Having The Right Beliefs At Work

This is the third of a three part series on Values, Strengths and Beliefs. You can read the first part here and the second part here.

Let's assume that you have your values and strengths clearly identified. You have clearly identified a path where you can live your values and express your strengths powerfully. You have outlined a clear action plan to step up your game at your workplace. Nothing can go wrong, right? Well, not really.

Last year, I experienced that elusive 'AHA' moment. I saw a clear vision for myself as a workshop facilitator where I was living my values of service and courage and expressing my strengths as a coach to the fullest. The image evoked a lot of emotion in me and I immediately resolved to conduct a series of workshops and start living my dream role.

Several months later, I had conducted exactly zero workshops. Ouch!

Thanks to my coach, I avoided going through the cycle of dejection and self pity and instead explored why I did not take action inspite of having crystal clarity. The answer - Belief. Beliefs are the subconscious thoughts in our heads that can decide whether we move forward towards action or not.

It was my belief about my first workshop that was holding me back. My belief was that 'my workshop had to be perfect'. It has to have the perfect content and the audience have to get value that they just cannot get anywhere else! On top of the weight of all these expectations came out another belief, that 'I was not yet ready'.

With these beliefs operating 24/7 inside my head, it did not matter how well I knew my values and how much I wanted to express my strengths. My belief won out.

Beliefs are extremely sneaky and can so easily come in the way of your dreams. When you can understand the belief that is holding you back, you have the power to replace that belief with a more empowering belief and step into action.

What's your belief around your work? Does it move you ahead or keep you stuck?

The fastest way to replace a belief is through consistent action. Even the tiniest of actions, taken consistently, can yield powerful results. It's like nurturing a tiny plant and having faith that over time, the plant will transform into a powerful tree, just as it was always meant to become.

Enter 2018 and I replaced my belief to 'I am ready' and 'My workshop will have value'. Within the first few months, I took action and conducted my first workshop that was well received by the participants.

All of us have the ability to replace a limiting belief with an empowering one.

Where do you hold yourself back from expressing your values and strengths? What's your belief that you want to change?

When we can clearly identify our core values, strengths and beliefs at our workplace, we can take consistent action to find work that is meaningful and step up as the leaders we are.

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